With drop shipping site you need to have communication with buyer and drop shipper,

When someone buy from your site,

You get money to your PayPal account

You need to place an order on behalf your buyer to dropshipper

Drop shipper ship merchandise to your buyer

In the event of buyer do not get as order (damage, color or size)

Buyer contact to you for exchange or return

Than you need to contact to drop shipper or wholesaler about issue

Most Drop shipper wants to have RMA form to fill out with RMA #

  • And progress will continue for long
  • In addition when someone buy any item from your site and there is many issues
  • You already collect the money
  • May be Item discontinue
  • Item not in stock may be back order

Most cases you end up to refund to buyer and there is so many other issues with online dropshipping website business

Turnkey site have none of those issue or problems, your site visitor buy direct from suppliers and all dealing with suppliers, you don’t have any type of issue

Just collect the commission on successful transaction