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incredible TV BOSS Software

You can have your own Roku TV channel set up in minutes from now, raking in subscribers and ad revenue…and you don’t even need to create your own videos!

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We’re going to show you everything we’ve uncovered about launching and crushing it with your first Roku channel…

To help you blow this out of the water with your first Roku channel, we’ve discovered a bunch of tips and tricks to get your channel approved fast, first time around…

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How to easily add a new channel using TV Boss (no technical skills or coding required)

How to add new videos to your channel that stream smoothly, even in HD!

How to create a “Netflix style” feed that appears on people’s Roku dashboard (essential for attracting new subscribers)

How to brand your channel to dominate your niche, win trust and have people telling their friends about you for free

How to tweak the layout of your channel, add categories, store info, video thumbnails and more… for a pro look and feel that sucks in viewers like you wouldn’t believe

The top 3 ways to monetize your video content and channel from day one (including Roku’s built in advertising program, which pays you via PayPal and works automatically when you flip on the switch!)

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without any paid traffic, promotion or marketing… and using other people’s videos!

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With our revolutionary new system, you don’t have to pay a single cent for advertising to get your videos in front of millions of people… and you don’t have to do ANY marketing or promotion either!

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OK, so what the heck is this new “traffic portal?”

Roku makes streaming media players that connect to your TV… allowing people to watch streaming TV channels on demand.

Right now, Roku channels are currently watched by 26 MILLION Americans… with Roku installed on 1 in 3 devices in the U.S alone!

And that’s why major streaming companies like YouTube, Netflix and Disney are already on Roku…

Because they know the truth…Roku is exploding

  • Complicated Facebook ads
  • Expensive AdWords ads
  • Competitive SEO
  • Finding JV partners and affiliates
  • Guest posting
  • Endless blogging and vlogging
  • Begging for shout outs and mentions

Wasting your life on Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat or any of the other overcrowded social networks

Searching for ways to monetize your content

Searching for affiliate offers that “might convert”

Creating your own products or services

Building funnels, email optin pages and freebie offers

Building, optimizing and split testing a website

Competing with millions of influencers, marketing agencies and mega rich gurus in your niche… who all have more time and money than you

Trying to learn new marketing tactics that require a PHD in marketing, optimization and coding just to get started

Wasting time and money on useless tools, templates, training and coaching just to get a handful of visitors, but no sales…

That’s before you’ve dealt with customer service… delivered your products and services… or dealt with the other 73 tasks you have on your list today!

TV Boss Training

Step-By-Step, Over The Shoulder Videos Show You EVERYTHING:

How to quickly add new channels

How to add new videos

Setting up channel feeds & branding

Optimizing your channel to best display offers, categories and more

Multiple ways to monetize each channel

Launching PROFITABLE channels for both you AND your clients has never been easier:

Open the developer section of your account, then click on ‘Add New Channel’

Use TV Boss to automatically manage your content, add new videos & put them into categories

All this happens in just a few clicks – and BOOM – your own traffic and money-making channel is ready to go!

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Instant free traffic

Public Roku channels REGULARLY get up to 10,000 + viewers in the first month alone, with no promotion or advertising… simply by showing up.

There’s hardly any competition and Roku viewers are staved of content right now… your timing is perfect!

One—click monetization

You don’t need to search for affiliate programs, sell advertising to advertisers, or have your own products or services.

Roku automatically finds advertisers for your new TV channel, while you sit back and collect the PayPal payments!

You can even turn your channel into a paid subscription, collecting guaranteed monthly paychecks like clockwork (Roku keeps 30% of your payment)

Instant Authority

Why waste years blogging, vlogging, doing interviews, guest posting, writing free reports, doing webinars… when you can become an instant authority with your own TV channel instead?

This is exactly how Dr Phil, Oprah and countless others became leading authority figures… trusted by millions of people the world over.

Now you can do the same…Or if you prefer …

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Get the same kind of exposure as media giants like YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, PBS and more …

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How to make BIG money with your Roku channel starting tonight…

Make MULTIPLE Streams Of Income:

Get paid DIRECTLY by Roku advertisers – automatically. Just turn on Ad Revenue sharing in your dashboard and get paid as people tune in!

Private Deals – get paid from video producers that want to show their videos on your channel

Added bonus – you’ll still bank PASSIVE ad revenue even by sharing OTHER people’s videos on your channel!

Direct Sales – simply by promoting your OWN products & services and keeping 100% of the profits

MULTIPLE Income Streams From FREE Traffic …

Think of the possibilities.

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Create UNLIMITED buzz & buyers to your own products & services

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You’ve seen the results – both from our own campaigns AND beta testers. TV Boss delivers traffic, leads & profits like nothing else out there.

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Pick it up today and put it to use – on our dime – for the next 30 days, completely risk-free. In the highly UNLIKELY event you don’t get more traffic, leads and sales your money back.

It’s really that simple. Of course, if you have a question or tech issue, our dedicated support team will get you sorted STRAIGHT away. We’re not happy until you are, and we’ll go to EXTRAORDINARY lengths to exceed your expectations.