How to make money online promoting real travel companies as a travel affiliate

Find out how to make money online advertising real travel companies as a travel affiliate. Most travel companies are willing to pay high commission and affiliate payouts in order to stay competitive online. We represents you the opportunity to work with team to set you up with the best Travel Affiliate Programs to ensure you can run a website business that is actually capable of making money when you promote.

We have explored, planned, acquired, tested and launched our next generation travel booking search engine in 2015.

We are activated to now offer people like you the chance to rebrand our PRO Travel Technology and Turnkey Website Business on your domain name so you can instantly be established in the travel industry with a site that is more attracting to travelers than major brands like kayak because of its sleek web design and smallest price search engineering!

Our travel site is setup with some of the top paying affiliates in the industry for you to get paid using a combining of pay per click monetization and pay per booking to maximize your earnings per visitor you bring to your website. Let us explain, each page on your site will be capable of earning revenue from people:

Hotels affiliate

Pay Per Click **earn $1-$4 per click. Also can earn multiple times from the same customer and as you know when you are browsing for a good hotel it is not uncommon to click multiple hotels to compare them. You earn every time they click! You make earnings if they person books or not. Pay per click rate goes up with increased bookings.

Flights affiliate

Pay per Booking or Pay Per Click ** We have two affiliates we deal with so you can make money from people booking flights. Your site can either be setup with Pay Per Booking method so your earnings are directly related to the total sale price of the flight package. Or we can also set it up to be Pay per Click like the hotels for Flights as well.

Visitors on your site can click on the Flights Search links on the site and your visitors can search hundreds of airlines and travel agents for fares and low-cost connections that other sites don’t show, giving them more choices, better prices and you additional commissions!

What is the commission structure for the Dohop flight affiliate program?

The Dohop Affiliate Program is a mixed commission program. This means that for some vendors we pay per lead, and for others we pay per booking. We know what each flight lead is worth, and for each click to a booking site we pay you 50% of the total lead value. If you run a high traffic website (100,000 or more visitors per month) you may be entitled to a higher percentage.

How is revenue created?

When visitors search for flights on your site and then click the ‘Select’ button in the search results, they go to a third party websites, such as or British Airways to complete a booking. If the vendor is one of our pay-per-booking partners, you get 50% of the booking commission. Otherwise, you get a lead value, based on the value of a guest to that site. More information is available here: We Just Changed the Game.

What is a lead?

Dohop pays based on leads generated, not based on the total amount a visitor from your site books for. This is because we never know which guests are actually booking, only how many in a given day.

If 100 guests go from Dohop or whitelabels to British Airways, for example, and 20 of them book something for a total commission of $200, we divide that like this: $200 / 100 = $2 value for each guests (since we don’t know which ones booked, only how many). This is the value that is then split 50/50 with whitelabel partners.

Your potential revenue is simply the following: number of guests to your site * conversion rate (usually 20%) * lead value.

A site with 1000 guests per week will, on average, earn 1000 * 0.2 * 0.07 = 14 EUR per week, 56 EUR per month.

How often do I get paid?

In order to qualify for payment you will need to earn EUR 300. Once the balance of your monthly earnings reaches EUR 300, you will be able to create an invoice. We will then wire the payment to your bank account or pay through PayPal.

Can I get paid in a different currency than EUR?

Yes you can. Other available currencies are USD, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, and ISK.

My friend/coworker/father booked a flight on my site but I can’t see my booking commission. Why?

There can be any number of reasons the commission is not appearing. Maybe it was a per-lead vendor. Maybe the booking didn’t go through. However, if your traffic is so low that you are worrying about a single booking this may not be the best affiliate program for you. To make money with the Dohop travel affiliate program you need a good deal of traffic. Build up your traffic.

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Cruise affiliate

Pay Per Sale **earn 3.5% on the total cruise package price your customers purchase through going through your site. Payments are sent directly to your affiliate account where you can withdraw with check or to bank.

Car Rentals affiliate

Pay Per Click. The great thing about the pay per click affiliate programs is that if they do book from your site, your pay per click rate goes up and you earn even more.

Get even More Streams of Revenue:

Earn even more profit with your travel site by adding an online store to sell travel related products, offer vacation rentals for more booking options and give travelers activities options to give their trip an extra spark. You earn money on it all! These extra avenues of monetization make your site even better

Please note:

All affiliates tracks all visitors directed from all affiliate site with site visitor’s behavior
Click fraud is strictly prohibited & may result in account termination