Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key- Video 2

If you don’t have AMAZON Affiliate account SIGN UP as follow

Once you sign up with the above link for the affiliate

Please login with your details to the below link

Amazon Access Key ID (a 20-character, alphanumeric sequence)

Note: To obtain this ID, you must register with Amazon to open a free AWS account.

Amazon Secret Access Key (a 40-character sequence). Note: Keep this Key secure and never share it with anyone but Amazon. Because the Key is saved in a different file (cfg.secretkey.php) than your saved settings file (cfg.saved.php), you can share your saved settings in the forum or with support and your Key remains secure. Another Note: To obtain this Key, you must register with Amazon to open a free AWS account

Once you will get signup with both the links You will receive following information

In order to receive commission These IDs required in most Amazon affiliate products in all covered country

1. Amazon Affiliate ID.

2. Amazon Access Key.

3. Amazon Secret ID.


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