The ordering process is a real easy Just follow these steps.

Once someone buy product or service from your site

You will be notified of a new order straight to your email inbox (required Set up)

Instant payment will be sent to your PayPal account (Required PAYPAL Account)

You forward that SAME order to the designated supplier with your buyer’s PROFILE

PROFILE: Buyers Name, email, website detail and purchase

Your supplier will emails to you once the order has been completed or delivered to your buyer

You email to your customer to inform that their order has been completed.

You will pay to supplier your designated wholesale price & you will have rest as PROFIT

All above Suppliers are steady that you can depends on, also you can add more products from them

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that visit the suppliers site frequently to check Products, pricing & terms, so you can update at your site

All site owner Required to check with supplier’s pricing time to time for latest updates, contact them you like and keep in touch with them